Yamaha RNRX Riders Brief


NB.(from SPT Insurance) As per last year, your Policy has a Participation Exclusion. You need to ensure that your participants are aware of this. Should your members require cover whilst participating in your events, please direct them to Arthur Hatzinikolis at Austbrokers SPT on 1800 778 792. SPT can provide your participants with a Jet Ski policy which extends to include racing and participation in organised events.

ALL riders will be subjected to a breath analysis test before approval is granted to ride. Any persons failing this test will be ejected from the entire event and entry monies and position will be forfeited. Breath testing and safety briefing will be carried out daily.

All PWC licences will be checked and recorded and Ski registrations needed for waiver document. DO NOT FORGET TO BRING THESE WITH YOU TO REGISTRATION. Registration labels on skis must be clearly identified, as Maritime will be cross checking.

Daily coloured wrist bands will be provided to riders once clearance has been given. NO rider will enter the event without a corrosponding wrist band.

The tractor will be available from 8am-10.00am to take your skis to the beach; we ask that all entrants be at the Greenhills parking area by 8.00am Thursday for sign on and resistration. If you arrive after 10.00am it will be up to you to get your ski down onto the beach. DO NOT BE LATE.

All skis will be left on the beach Thursday & Friday night under security supervision. For those not wishing to leave their ski's alternate arrangements will need to be made to put in or pick up your ski from tonkin Boat ramp. The tractor will only be in operation Thursday morning 8-10am and 3-5pm Saturday afternoon.

All skis will be scrutineered at the carpark entry upon arrival. Specific Tow loops will be attached, and no ski will enter the water without one. If you arrive via boat harbour or boat ramp, please find the official ski scruitineer for checking and tow loop. All kill switch zip ties will be removed as these are deemed illegal at this event.

Safety brief, compulsory for all riders will be daily at 10:00am sharp on the beach ... DO NOT MISS!!!

A BBQ stall with Sausage sizzle and water will be available for purchase throughout the 3 day event.

Public toilets and a cafe are shown on the map.

The presentation night will commence at 6.00pm and awards presented from 7pm at Nothies Hotel Cronulla



Riders Safety Brief

  • At all times the competitors will follow the PWC Waterways Authority rules and regulations.
  • Competition organizers and/or Beach Supervisors will cancel the event in unsafe conditions or if a situation arises that imposes a safety concern to either a competitor or third party.
  • Upon registration a check of valid PWC license will be carried out.
  • All competitors and officials will undergo a safety brief and event detail to commence each day’s proceedings.
  • Approved Life jackets and Helmets are to be worn by all competitors.
  • All competitors will be advised prior to the start that they enter the event at their own risk. The event has public liability, but if a rider is concerned for his or her own safety they are to organize their OWN personal insurance for injuries that may or may not be sustained.
  • All riders shall sign a waiver of indemnity
  • The rider’s competition area will be cordoned off each side by Buoy’s. 
  • Safety ski's will patrol all three sides of the area allocated to the event whilst the event is in progress
  • An IRB with 2 life savers will be positioned on the beach front for any emergencies
  • A life saver/first aid administrator will be at the "official" tent for any medical emergency.
  • A PWC beaching area will be erected with Bunting to protect the public and create a safety exclusion zone. (See course layout)
  • A flag marshal will be situated on the beach for rider information and safety.
  •  “Marshaling tent” to hold the officials, PA system and 1st aid officer.
  •  All officials will be Clothed in either an official T-Shirt or fluorescent jacket at all times with mobile phone contact for emergencies.
  • Throughout the day the PA will advise spectators to keep at least 100m away from the event area if swimming
  • The PA will also advise all parents to make certain young children do not go any where near the event area or watercraft.
  • A distress signal will be shown to all riders so that in an event of danger rescuers and riders are able to communicate.
  • All riders should ride in an anticlockwise motion throughout the day
  • All riders will be advised to check for danger/other riders before performing an aerial maneuver.
  • Double check beaching area is clear before entering. it is your responsibility.






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