YAMAHA Rip'N Ride 7 Wrap Up & Results

And in a blink of an eye it was over… It’s hard to fathom after six long months in the planning RNR7 is finished and life once again has returned to normal.
What an amazing week, I don’t know where to start… but lets see…
Without our sponsors Yamaha (Iain, Jason and Mark), AJSP (Craig), 701 Industries (Dave), Jetpilot (Chris, Chris and Darren), Highroller (dan and Deanne), Worx, WCJ, Solas, DASA, RRP, SWD, Wetseat, VICFA, KP Parts, Capture Film Photography, Thrust Innovations, Air Time Products, Photos by Skip, here swallows hotel, Random Performance, Yamaha Genuine Parts, Jetmaniac, Hydroturf, Tahiti Matt,  Freeride Innovations, Brisbane watercraft,  333 Riders co, Sydney wide barge and excavation, Player 1, ADA Racing, NZ freeride, NSWFA,  Krash, Mini jump starter.com, SCJSC,  One Industries, Prorider Magazine, QFWA, and Northies Hotel, I could never have pulled this off. I would like to thank you for all your support both to me and the sport of Freeride Jet Skiing.
To my right hand men Jason and Corrin from SSCJSC, you rock! If it wasn’t for the 2 of you I would have fallen in a heap! Year after year with no hesitation you are by my side helping me run this event. I cant thank you enough. Your trip to Tassie is definitely a well earn’t reward. I look forward to reciprocating.

Ian Macleod, I am really amazed and truly thankful to you for coming to ripnride in your own time and presenting me with a Yamaha watch. It shows that this event means as much to you as it does to us. It would have not been the same if you were not here to be apart of the celebration of such a unique sport. To Jason and Mark, thank you for taking the time to come to Cronulla and be a part of the craziness.  I hope we proved ourselves as a team this year.

Dan MacKenzie and family,  thanks again for your huge contribution to RNR you never cease to amaze us …..

I am really proud to be apart of, and have such great colleagues, Oppy from VICFA you are an awesome person and a true representative of the spirit of VICFA and thanks for your help. Dan Malony , QFWA you are a champion and I hope to be there to support you next year.
Norm came with the purpose of chaperoning Tayne and helping me out… boy did I make him do that! Thanks mate for everything and Tayne thanks for all your help.
Tahiti Matt and Loic, what a great attitude to freeride guys thanks for your help and support and I hope to come to Tahiti one day and repay the favor. I cant wait to see the video of this year, I know its going to be amazing.

Tom and Pete Aiken thanks again for all the work leading up to rnr with signs trophies etc. The 701 blaster could not have gone to a more deserving young man.  You are a true role model to our future of the sport. International riders, I am really happy to share such a great event with you and I hope you pass on your thoughts to your friends and fellow riders. Lets Promote RNR8.

To our photographic team, Captured and Skip. They had a huge job ahead of them capturing the spirit of the event and we thank you for taking the challenge on.

Andy Green on the mic you are a great asset to our event and it would not be rnr with out you. Our BBq cooks and sign on team, we really appreciate your efforts.
The Marshall volunteers thank you for help out there it is much appreciated and it makes a hell of a lot of difference. Tas Freeride guys you are true gentlemen and great guys they helped out in every aspect from sponsorship, sign on, marshaling, to pack up and helping out.  

At this stage we are going to have an extended break for RNR8 and will return in 2016 with a fresh approach……. TBA.





Shane Wilson Diving SWD Award - QLD Jason Barry Corrin Williams (Offshore Fishing Charter including Flights to Tasmania)

Ozfreeride.com Rip'N Ride Award- Spirit Award- VIC Mick Anthony (RRP Pole )

Wollongong City Jetskis Sickest Trick -FRA Pierre Maixent ($500 + Solas wear ring)

Ozfreeride.com Biggest Air Stand Up - QLD Brodie Copp (Thrust Innovations Trim System)

Ozfreeride.com Biggest Air Runnabout - NSW Daniel MacKenzie (SOLAS wear ring)

333 Riders Co & Three Swallows Hotel
Back Flip Cherry Popper Awards- Billy Crossland & Jack Lillie (ATP Head) (KP Pole)

Ozfreeride.com Back Flip Champion Of Champions -FRA Pierre Maixent (ATP Waterbox)

Jetpilot Battle Of The Best - 1st Mark Gomez USA 2nd Mick Anthony AUS 3rd Pierre Maixent FRA

SOLAS First To Sink- NSW Mike Krouskos (SOLAS Impellor)

AJSP Best Presented Ski - VIC Mitch Roland ( Mini Jump starter)

Surf Rider Award - USA Mark Gomez (Thrust Adjustable Steering)

Brisbane Watercraft 180 Cup - Lochlan Spencer (ADA Cylinder Head)

Ozfreeride.com State Of Origin Triathalon- Tom Aiken, Dean Robson

Ozfreeride.com First To Enter RNR7- Luke Misfud (DASA Billet Intake Manifold & V force 3 Reeds)


Random Performance Wrenching Award- QLD Luke Rotolone (Mini Jumpstarter)

Furthest Travelled - Bruno Jacob Brazil 48hours to RNR7

Deb Woodward best on the Beach award - Reece Wyer ( DASA Intake Manifold inc V-Force 2 Reeds)

NZfreeride Butch Cup, for most helpful to the sport- Leigh Watt (Freeride Innovations Tow loop)

Ozfreeride.com Carnage Award - Jay Styles (RRP Chin Pad)

701 Industries Superfly Blaster Sponsorship- Tom Aiken

YAMAHA 2014 Superjet Prize Draw - NSW Hakan Yalcin

Congratulations to our girls of the Rip'N Ride

High Roller Energy RIP'N RIDE 6 RESULTS 2013

Ozfreeride & Rick Roy Products Rip'N Ride award- TOM Aiken- Won a DASA intake Manifold and Reeds

- Wollongong City Jet ski Sickest Trick Award $1000- Glen Arena

- Jetpilot Innovation Award-Brock taylor-Won RRP Pole

- High Roller Energy Biggest/ highest jump
Stand up -Ash Brady-Won a 701 GoPro & Mark Colling won a DASA intake Manifold and Reeds
Sit down- Jay Habib 333 won a DASA intake Manifold and Reeds

- 333 riders Co Cherry Popper (first time Backflip)
Cory Coops won Krash Industries Hood & Loren Fox won a 701 GoPro

- WCJ Superflip cherry popper -Cancelled

- The Wet Seat Backflip Champion- Luke Emanuel Then Handed to Mark Colling by LukeWon a Solas Impeller

701 Industries - First to sink- Matt Howson Won a ATP Waterbox
& Tom (Hank) Won a Fpjetski Nose Piece

- AJSP Best overall ski- Leigh Watt won a Solas impeller wear ring

- Solas Surf rider award- Mick Anthony won a Solas impeller wear ring

- Worx Best 180- Luke Emanuel

- First to enter RNR6- Zane Taylor won a Solas impeller

- Furthest Distance travelled
to get to RNR6- Bruno Jacob Brazil won a Solas impeller wear ring

- Best contraption Award- Cold Fusion Carl Gramberg USA

- Random Performance-Wrenching Award- Zack Bright won Havoc Carbon tubes
& Shane Wilson won FPJetski Tubbies

- Burn Industries Biggest Bail Award
Jay Styles won a Solas wear ring

- Hydro-Turf Biggest Carnage Award- Ryan Turner won a Solas impeller wear ring

- Dummy spit Award won a ride plate from Havoc

- Burn Industries Dismount Award- Luke Emanuel won a Rickter Vest

- DASA- Best Re entry Award-Pete McLoughlin won a Solas wear Ring

- Burn Industries Rat Rod Award- Anthony Best The Pig

- Krash Industries Surf slash Award- Keaton Watts

- The NZ's "Butch's Cup" Award- 701 dave

State Of Origin triathlon went to QLD - Brodie Copp Braden Peko

The 701 Go-Pro Prize- Butch

The 2014 Yamaha Superjet Riders raffle Winner- Campbell Pert

The 701 Industries Flagship Blaster surprise give away went to the second place raffle draw.- Franky Blaster franky.jpg
final Ski Could not have gone to a more deserving person. The 3rd and very last Jetski give away @ Rip'N Ride which any member of the public that drank a Carlton Dry (beer) could win over a three week period. The Yamaha Superjet went to a entrant who was having micro surgery at the time the Waverunner was drawn. Could not have created better script if we tried.



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